The people who believe in love keep asking me if I would…

Would I live with him?

Would I marry him if he asked?

Mostly though…

Would I marry him?

Although I have known him a long time and been friends with him quite a while, I hesitate.

He has been and is my best friend. That is the person you marry.

But I didn’t believe in marriage. Then I met and married my now-ex-husband. I believe in marriage for other people but…

Now I’m skeptical. Jaded. Terrified about believing a family loves me but not being loved the way I deserve. I’m scared of losing my friend. I can’t see how anyone would always choose me. I feel justified.

And yet…

As my friend, he lets me be me, and loves me for it. Now, as my boyfriend, he consistently shows me love in a way I need and want. He always encourages me to expect others to treat me in a loving manner.

There is this tiny sliver of hope that I could have my imperfect fairytale with this amazing guy. Could I have a soulmate in him? Could it be…?

Would he even ever ask…?