One of my best girlfriends moved to the Portland area a couple of years ago when her husband was transferred. We stay in touch but we can’t just hang out like we used to. When I traveled to Seattle for work, she drove to see me. She is a generous, considerate and funny friend. She always let me vent about my in-laws and anything else I wanted. I miss her so much.

She constantly asks me to come visit. It has been hard to find a way, the time, the energy, the reason. My husband was not so understanding of me traveling without him and he didn’t want to go. Really, I didn’t want him to go. Now he doesn’t have to.

My friend, my boy, has a sister in the Portland area. She is getting married this summer. Of course he is going. He’s been to Portland to visit her in the past, even recently over the holidays.

My friend’s husband knows my boy a little through work stuff, job searching and networking. My friend put the dots together. She told me I should visit her when my boy is going to be there, that they have two guest rooms but (ha-ha) we can just use one if we want, that I should be his plus-one.

I can’t be his plus-one. I’m not even divorced yet. His parents met me while they were visiting him; they know we are friends–just friends. I’m doubtful people who know him that well won’t see us together and KNOW. I’m sure I shouldn’t care what others think but that’s just not me. And my experience with my husband’s parents makes me feel that I will be judged by my boy’s parents.

I told my boy about my girlfriend’s generous offer to be our host and then found myself telling him about the plus-one idea. Then I had to pull back. If he wanted me as his plus-one, he would have asked. So I said something about spending that time with my girlfriend since the weekend is the only time I would be there that she wouldn’t be working.

But we agreed that we could travel together and stay at her house and he would show me around. I felt some butterflies at the thought of going on a trip with my boy, planning something for this summer, months away, even if it was just as friends. I wondered if it was just as friends.

He was looking at flights and sent me the screen shot for the trip for two. And when I said it looked good, he asked if he could book it for two. For two. I read for two and I smiled. And said yes, and by the way, say ‘for two’ again. And he said it’s booked for two.


For two. Be still my heart.