I SO made the right decision to be done. It’s almost comical how he cannot see (or remember, as he claims) what his parents have done to me and how he has let them treat me. He is so going to repeat his mistakes if he doesn’t get it. I wish I could see my own mistakes so clearly.


I said as much to a friend after the fourth counseling session. The friend said:

“I don’t know which would be worse, not seeing what his parents were doing (not to mention what he was doing) or forgetting about it. On the one hand he’d be unobservant; on the other he’d be completely uncaring. Yeah, I think you made the right choice. I knew you would. As for seeing your own mistakes, I think you’ve been pretty good about that from what I’ve seen, but that is still hindsight.”

I’m leaning towards he is/was uncaring. I actually started to laugh during our session near the end because it was so blatantly obvious that he’s not going to change, that he can’t see me, that he is always going to choose his parents over anyone else, that he’s a coward. Wow. Stop me now.


We did not schedule our next appointment yet and I’m not sure I will continue although he may and probably should. We did talk after the appointment about mediation so I think we’re going to maybe schedule that next.