I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo but couldn’t decide, wasn’t so sure about the permanence, wanted to look professional…

My husband doesn’t like them. I didn’t realize how much he disliked them until I turned 40; I thought I might get one for my birthday. Then he told me. And I did not get one.

Now that I am leaving, he has no say. I think I may finally get a tattoo.

One of my girlfriends wants to get a new tattoo and we talked about images I’ve wanted over the years. A cartoon figure I collect. A yellow rose and/or something else symbolizing Texas. An orange MS ribbon. A spoon. A mermaid for my sister. Paw prints for my kitties. A Weimaraner. A flamenco dancer or fan. A lion or the symbol for Leo.

Another friend years ago suggested I talk to an artist about incorporating several ideas into one tattoo. I think that may be more realistic for me than choosing ONE image to represent me.

She wants to get hers when I get mine. I have so much going on that I don’t want the pressure of this yet. I suggested after the divorce is final since she told me I shouldn’t pursue any romantic relationship until then.


She has decided on two phrases: Breathe and Let it be.

My words look something like this: Thrive. Nourish. Overcome. Choose. Warrior (or a yoga warrior pose.) Breathe or The trick is to keep breathing (a Garbage song.)


But my first tattoo will probably be permanent eyeliner–I have an issue with my eye that causes it to “water” a lot of the time so I have trouble keeping makeup on.

And then…tat me.