Hrm. I took one of those quizzes: what kind of wife are you?

Those Facebook quizzes…everyone does them, right? I found something on my computer after taking this one, so it might be the last.

You are a:

Classy Wife

You are truly a class act. Both inside and out, you are amazingly beautiful. You have an undeniably jovial nature that always gives off radiant happiness wherever you go. You are a perfect treat that always stays delightful no matter how much time passes by. And believe it or not, you have some of the most contagious smiles. Your significant other must be incredibly grateful for you!

These look like things my husband never says to me but my friends tell me. I have actually told my husband that he is lucky to have me, that he takes me for granted. He said he knows. And that was the end of that.

So I’m a classy wife. Now that I’ve decided to be an ex-wife, am I a classy ex-wife? Or can I reserve this for the possibility that I will once again be a classy wife? A classy wife, someday in the future, with a man who sees me, hears me, finds me.