She moved in with her dad in the summer before her sophomore year in high school. On her first day of school, she met Bestie. Bestie teased her about her accent, which she quickly lost. They became friends.

They were friends for a couple of years. She hung out at his house and met his mom. They hung out with other friends. They went to parties and concerts.

Bestie was kind of known for being with a new girl all the time. She was not going to be one of those girls. But then, one day, they started messing around and they went all the way. It happened a couple more times but it was quickly evident that she was one of those girls.

She was hurt and angry. So they stopped talking. When she was done being mad, Bestie was mad. When Bestie was done, it had been a year they had not talked.

They began to talk when they ran into each other but they were both in relationships. Eventually those relationships ended and they ran into each other more often. Then they started hanging out and became great friends again.

When she met The One, she explained that her Bestie was a guy and what had happened, that the more-than-friends part was ancient history, and that she would not stop being friends with Bestie. He was okay with that.

Or was he?

After many, many years, he suddenly had an issue with her guy friends. Not his friend who flirts with her and even felt her up in public, just her guy friends.

He complained about her having (mostly guy) friends over to hang out and watch TV, since he couldn’t hang out in his underwear all weekend as he’d like.

So when he went hunting, she invited Bestie to hang out. When she told him before his trip, he reacted as she had not expected–upset that she would have Bestie over while he was gone. They talked about it and she thought it was okay.

She and Bestie hung out, had some drinks, watched TV, talked and talked and talked and laughed and cried. In the morning, they had some breakfast and took a nap on the sectional couch, one on each section. They held hands as they sometimes did. She slept so well, it surprised her. Bestie went home.

He called during his trip while Bestie was there. Later, he told her how furious he was. She has tried to look at it from his viewpoint but finds it so difficult to understand what she is supposed to do if he doesn’t want her to have Bestie over while he is home and he doesn’t want her to have Bestie over when he is not home.

She asked about trust. Friends for almost thirty years since “it” happened, why would they do “it” now? Anyway, it takes two… And he said no, it doesn’t. She was…shocked. What does he think of Bestie to say that? He says he doesn’t like or trust Bestie. And now she wonders if she has totally misjudged HIS character, that he can feel this way about her best friend, who has been through so much with her, and gets her.


And she wonders if that is the problem. Bestie gets her. And he does not.