Her company’s Christmas lunch was on a Friday. She dressed up in a red sweater, black slacks, and gorgeous red peep toe high heels. Very high for her. Fierce, beautiful shoes.

At the office, she was reminded that they were closing the office after lunch so she could go run errands or go home or whatever. She had forgotten so she didn’t have plans.

When lunch was over, she decided she would have to go home to change clothes before running errands. Those fierce shoes were not for running errands.

As she arrived home, she was having some gut distress so she let the dogs out, left the back door open for them, and ran to the bathroom. Since she was changing clothes anyway, she took off her pants. When she was done, she walked through the kitchen (facing the backyard) to grab her shoes on the way upstairs. She changed and came back downstairs. The dogs had come inside so she closed the back door and put them back in their rooms.


And then she left the house.

And his relatives’ car was there. The gate was open to the back yard. They were in the back yard.

Had they seen her walking around half naked? Why were they there and why hadn’t he told her they were coming?

She ran her errands. She went to the grocery store to buy the things he likes.

When she got home, he seemed upset that she had been home. That she hadn’t told him she would be home.

She was upset that he hadn’t told her other people would be at her home. He insisted he would have told her if he had known she would be home.


But he had a history of not telling her. Or telling her last minute. And there had been issues. Many issues. But that was not for today…

When they talked about it again, he still insisted she was upset about nothing. But she felt that he was acting as if she didn’t LIVE there, as if she was a visitor and had no say in who comes or goes or when, as if she has to schedule time to be in their house, in her house. Of course she appreciates their help, and at least in this case it wasn’t their fault–he asked them to be there to help with something. He decided what would happen and she was the one who shouldn’t have been there. In their house; in her house.

After an hour of discussing it, she asked if her relative was there when he came home, and she had not told him in advance, how would he feel? And he said nothing.