As the holidays approached, she made a spring cleaning effort throughout the house. It was all things she would do throughout the year but concentrated in about a week long period. Before guests will be in the house, she likes to wash all the bedding, dog beds, clean the leather couches, dust all the wood surfaces, and so on.

Because of her health issues, in particular her back pain and her fatigue, she tried to be careful that she doesn’t overdo it.


After a long day of church and lunch with a friend who was needing some support, she came home and did several hours of cleaning, including helping him with some items. Early on, he said how nice it was to be doing these chores together.

When it was time for bed, she was worn out. She explained that she had been productive but now she was hurting. He made a comment about how he loves this wife. So she asked what she shouldn’t. And he said he doesn’t love lazy wife. And she was hurt and she wanted to cry. When she rests her weary, diseased body, he thinks she is lazy. He will never be happy–she can never do enough. Her body will not let her. And he thinks she can just keep going. She cannot help him understand. So she is not understood. She is lazy. A lazy wife. Not to be loved.